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. ColorPalates : 216hex
. ColorPalates : 216hex-sq
. ColorPalates : 140wtv

NoteTab Clips : ColorPalates

This is an effort to provide some helpful input to Note Tab usergroup members in thanks for all the kind attention and expert advice they have provided through the years. I hope these small contributions will be useful. NoteTab is a trademark of Fookes Software, Geneva, Switzerland.


216hex is a simple Clip for NoteTabPro® to insert HTML hex color code into text documents. The 216 (considered) web safe colors display as swatches in the Clipbar.

216hex is designed or use from the Clipbar, which allows any other Clipbook Library to be open and used at the same time. SingleClick on a color swatch will insert the color hex code at the cursor position in an open file.

The icon bitmaps in the folder ColorSwatches are shared by all variations. Feel free to build your own color groupings using these Clipbar icons.

Download ColorPalates 69kb : MD5 = 93a44e9f04ca8156f98d0413f482965d


• Added HideClipbar button and OpenPalatesClip.txt
• suggested by Don Passenger

• Added MD5 checksum to verify downloads

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