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Enjoyment predicts efficiency. -- ESR

Information Distribution

The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Eric S. Raymond on Open Source (1997)

Homesteading the Noosphere
Eric S. Raymond on Intellectual Property Rights (2000)

Grokking the Zen of Mumblage and Parsing Hackish
Linda Richards on Hacker Jargon (1994)

Internet Content Rating Association
Voluntary website labelling using the PICS protocol.

Internet Traffic Report
Updated every five minutes...Globally and by Continents

One Million Ebooks
Project Gutenberg -- from 1971 to present day

The Austrian AudioVisual Archive -- from 1899 to present day

The Clue Train
95 Theses defining the tenents of distributed information

The Second Gutenberg
Interview with Michael Hart - May 2002

The Spirit of Insane Greed
Insider look at Telecom Corporate Policy - Anonymous

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